Tantus Tobacco was founded on the belief that high-quality Kentucky tobacco does not need to come with subsequent high prices. Our goal is to make the highest quality cigarettes, pipe tobacco, filtered cigars, and tipped cigars offered at value prices.

Our state-of-the-art facility in Russell Springs, Kentucky shows our commitment to this high quality. But, in order to make the finest tobacco products, it is essential to start with the finest tobacco grown in the world - Kentucky burley leaf. Our blended toasted tobaccos provides a distinctive taste with a smooth finish. This blend also results in a slow - burning premium tobacco with a pleasant aroma.

We understand that using the finest tobacco is only the first step to producing quality cigarettes and filtered cigars. Tobacco processing is also a key component; therefore, we've invested millions into our facility on the best cigarette rolling and packing machines on the market.

The final component of our quality products lies in the hands of our dedicated work force.

  Our employees understand the importance of quality, and strive toward producing quality tobacco products. Their extensive experience in the tobacco industry gives them the knowledge and skills needed to uphold Tantus's high standard of quality and premium products. We back that up with sophisticated testing machinery to ensure that every product leaves the plant the best that it can possibly be.

Because of our value product, we understand the growth potential of Tantus Tobacco, and therefore have built our facility with anticipation for inevitable expansion. We have a climate controlled warehouse that is already expanding to accommodate our wide array of high-quality tobacco brands. Our Red Buck and Richwood Filtered Cigars, Tipped Cigars, ST (Soft Tip) Cigars, Bacco and Red Buck Pipe Tobacco, along with Berley, Sport, Main Street, Berkley, 24/7, and GSmoke Cigarettes, Dixon Rolling Machine, Dixon Tubes, and Coffee Thins are the mere beginning of a large line of Tantus Tobacco products. With eye-catching package designs, clever point-of-sale materials and extensive marketing efforts, our brands are sure to quickly become a consumer favorite - which means profits for our wholesale and retail partners.